Responsible Procurement Policy

1. Scope

Our environmental requirements for suppliers form the basis of our business relationships and support our Environmental Management System which is compliant with the FIA Environmental Accreditation (3 stars).

Transparency, integrity, and respect are fundamental principles for long-term cooperation with MONACO SPORTS GROUP. These principles can be anchored in the supply chain only through a proactive approach. MONACO SPORTS GROUP calls on its suppliers to take corporate responsibility seriously and ensure compliance with our environmental requirements as indicated in the following policy.

2. Compliance with relevant Environmental Regulatory Requirements

MONACO SPORTS GROUP's asks that suppliers ensure compliance with environmental regulatory requirements including applicable legal requirements and industry standards for waste management, handling and disposal of chemicals and other dangerous materials, emissions, and effluent treatment.

3. Environmental responsibility

Each supplier is responsible for the continuous optimization of its use of resources as well as the environmental compatibility of its products. A meaningful minimization of the use of finite resources is a constant goal.

3.1. Energy usage and Emissions

MONACO SPORTS GROUP asks suppliers to develop objectives with mitigating actions to efficiently measure, monitor and reduce the impact of their energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, and to pass this requirement on to their own supply chain.

An existing certification according to the ISO 14001 and 50001 standards is desirable for our suppliers.

3.2. Water Usage

MONACO SPORTS GROUP asks suppliers to ensure that allowed limits for industrial wastewater are within legal parameters and that the pollutant concentration is maintained at a minimum.

Optimization options and measures to reduce wastewater are to be regularly checked, assessed and, if necessary, implemented.

3.3. Waste Management

When developing and manufacturing products for MONACO SPORTS GROUP, the supplier takes into account the efficient use of natural resources (e.g. water, energy sources, raw materials, etc.) and strives to use recycled material where possible.

MONACO SPORTS GROUP asks that waste avoidance, reduction, recycling and the safe, environmentally friendly disposal of residual waste, chemicals and wastewater are considered by the supplier during the development and manufacturing of products. Local official regulations regarding the disposal of waste are to be followed.

MONACO SPORTS GROUPS asks suppliers to reduce and remove plastics from their value chains wherever possible.

3.4. Hazardous Materials

MONACO SPORTS GROUPS asks suppliers to ensure that health and environmental safety is always guaranteed.

MONACO SPORTS GROUPS asks that workers who handle hazardous substances must receive regular training regarding the potential dangers, protective measures, and correct storage of hazardous materials.

MONACO SPORTS GROUPS asks suppliers to reduce their use of hazardous materials where possible.

3.5. Air and noise emissions

MONACO SPORTS GROUPS asks that in compliance with country-specific laws, the environmental impact of relevant air and noise emissions is regularly checked and assessed by suppliers. If necessary, optimization or protective measures should be aimed for in such a way that excludes permanent damage to people or the environment.