70 starts at 26: How Max is using youth and experience to his advantage

Some drivers have youth, some have experience. Maximilian Günther has both.


Max has been racing in the FIA Formula E World Championship for longer than most drivers. He got his first taste of fully-electric power in Season 4, and since then, he hasn’t stopped.


When people meet Max for the first time, they are immediately struck by his youth, and as Formula E’s youngest race winner, his name will always be connected with the past. Connected to history.


Even now at 26 years old, Max is the fifth-youngest driver in Formula E, but just because he’s young, it doesn’t mean he’s inexperienced. In fact, Max has more race starts than over half of the current grid.


From racing for privateer teams and respected manufacturers to being a team-mate to some of Formula E’s most decorated drivers, Max’s experience is rich and diverse.


Working hand-in-hand with Maserati MSG Racing since late 2022, Max has been on a shared journey of development with the team, and it’s a journey that he’s relished so far.


“Playing a part in helping to drive the team forward is something that I really enjoyed last season, and as racing drivers, I think it’s very important for us to provide direction,” says Max.


“In every team I’ve raced for, I’ve usually been the younger driver, working with a very strong and experienced team-mate who had joined the team a few seasons before me.


“I’ve had that for most of my career, but this season I’m in a scenario where I’m the older and more experienced driver, and I’ve been with the team for longer. It’s a completely different experience.


“Because of this, we already have a strong bond as a team coming into Season 10, and from our experiences together in 2023, we have an incredibly strong foundations to that relationship.”


Max joined the Formula E grid in 2018, and after an impressive debut campaign, joined the ranks of BMW i Andretti in Season 6 where he became the series’ youngest race winner in Santiago, Chile.


Building upon a competitive base, he secured his second and third wins in Berlin and New York before joining Nissan for Season 8, lining up against Formula E veteran, Sebastien Buemi.


With Maserati MSG Racing in Season 9, Max completed his best on record, scoring four podiums including a historic victory in Jakarta – the Maserati brand’s first World Championship single-seater win since 1957.


Reflecting on past seasons, Max knows that his experiences have shaped him into the driver he is today, but by pairing his knowledge with his youth, he believes he’s in the perfect position to succeed.


“The strange thing about this is that I have a lot of experience, but I’m still young. When I started in Formula E, I was very young. I’ve been in and around the paddock since Season 4,” continues Max.


“I’m super hungry for success and I want to perform at the highest level I can so I can continue to get better, and I think the experience I already have is helping with this.


“During your career, there are always factors which help you improve over the years, and all of the experiences I’ve had in Formula E have made me more well-rounded as a driver.


“My experiences have made me more patient, and I’ve become better at reading races. I know when it’s the right moment to be conservative, and when to attack and strike.


“Formula E races can be difficult at times, and at first, the races can be very hard to read. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to prepare properly in this series.


“Now, when I come into a race weekend, I know what I want to focus on,” adds Max. “I know what I need from the power, what I need from the team, and what I need from myself to perform at the highest level.


“I’m happy with my current position because I feel like we can achieve great things together as a team. We have a good atmosphere and we’re working as a very strong unit, especially operationally. I’m fully confident that by continuing to work together as a team, this year can be our best season yet.”