Chasing Change Together: Maserati MSG Racing & HPE

At Maserati MSG Racing, we’re a team of belief and intention. Such a purpose shapes how we act, determines what we do, and explains why we race in the world’s only carbon-neutral sports series.

It transcends into how we work, and defines our very culture, but it spreads far beyond into every relationship. Shared values underscore our every collaboration.

Since 2018, Hewlett Packard Enterprise [HPE] has been at the heart of our racing community, and has supported our pursuit of a sustainable future through the competitive platform of Formula E.

Like our team, HPE is on a mission to forge a better tomorrow, and seeks to do so not only environmentally, but also on a social level.

The HPE Foundation, which has been operating since 2015, has a longstanding history of giving back.

Since 1979, when it was then known as the Hewlett Packard Company Foundation, it has been helping to deploy skills, resources, and technology to address social challenges in communities.

By striving to be a force for good, the HPE Foundation advances how people live and work, and their support of non-profit organisations forms a key part of their efforts.

Undoubtedly, the climate crisis is one of the biggest present existential challenges, yet only approximately 2% of global philanthropy goes to climate-related initiatives.

As a team, Maserati MSG Racing’s position in Formula E helps to pioneer new technologies, encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, and facilitate innovation through diversity, inclusion, and empowerment.

While racing alongside us, HPE collaborates with and provides grants to non-profit organisations to drive progress in strategic areas, including community resiliency and human rights.

Over the past four years, the HPE Foundation has distributed more than $5million to help scale tech non-profits that tackle world issues and the climate crisis.

One organisation which HPE supports is WattTime – a non-profit which develops novel and data-driven techniques to support the environment, human health, and social change.

WattTime is perhaps best known for its Automated Emissions Reduction [AER] software, which the HPE Foundation has played a critical role in supporting.

WattTime’s AER software helps equipment which uses large amounts of electricity, such as electric cars, to run on cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

This not only ensures the usage of clean, renewable energy, but also reduces the use of traditional unsustainable sources to cut down greenhouse gas emissions.

An upgrade to WattTime’s AER software, enabled by support from the HPE Foundation, has generated a real-world impact on community health.

Fossil fuel pollution causes one in five deaths worldwide, and the use of part-time operational powerplants is disproportionately responsible for health harm.

WattTime and the AER software upgrades that the HPE Foundation supported helps devices avoid using electricity generated by powerplants of this type, and in doing so, minimises the health impact on local communities.

Over 200 million devices worldwide now use AER software to not only reduce pollution and fight climate change, but to help save lives.

This purpose carries HPE forward, and by 2040, HPE aims to be net-zero across its value chain, and will source 100% renewable energy for its operations by 2030.

By offering sustainable services and solutions, HPE is helping customers and its partners, like Maserati MSG Racing, achieve their own sustainability goals and reduce their own carbon emissions.

By removing barriers to innovation, and facilitating greater collaboration, HPE is driving the change for the future and is supporting a pioneering ecosystem shaped by the vision of a better tomorrow.