Top Five Moments of Edo Excellence

When Edoardo Mortara joined our team for the start of Formula E’s fourth season, we knew that we were at the beginning of what would become a very special relationship.


A racing driver of his calibre, who competes with uncompromising speed and carries their character with pure heart, always leaves a mark. And it is this mark that can forge a legacy.


Now, after six seasons, the time has come for us to close our chapter together, leaving a trail of unforgettable memories in our wake.


Edo’s arrival was just at the start of our journey, and in a long and winding narrative, painted against the backdrop of Formula E, we’ve crafted our own tale – one that will never be forgotten.


The Swss-Italian’s six victories and 13 podiums in our colours only scratch the surface of our achievements, and Edo’s input runs through our entire being.


As a pivotal player in our team, he’s shaped our processes, our procedures, and has touched our very culture. He pushed the team forward, he taught us how to win, and he helped turn us into genuine title contenders.


In six seasons, it’s hard to pick a highlight when you have experienced so much together, and Edo has had quite the journey since lining up on to fight on the streets of Hong Kong in Season 4.


Hong Kong, Season 4: The Journey Begins

Edo made his Formula E debut at the 2017 Hong Kong E-Prix

December 3, 2017. Race day, part two. A new driver has chosen to test their hand in Formula E – a series which, for many, has proven to be too tough to tame since its launch in 2014.


Dressed in his white, red, and black overalls, Edoardo Mortara steps onto the scene.


After making a strong start to his fully-electric career, in a flight from 18th to seventh in Race One, he’s on everyone’s radar, and now, starting on the front row of the grid, he’s the talk of town.


Gen1’s electric whir echoes through Hong Kong’s streets, and when the race commences, Edo immediately takes the lead. A new era is underway.


Over the next 42 laps, Edo pieces together a masterful drive – one that could be deemed as one of the most commanding performances witnessed in Formula E’s first generation.


But with a spin only a handful of laps from the flag, it all unravels. Despite coming home in second to achieve a landmark debut podium, a dejected expression is painted across Edo’s face.


He isn’t happy, frustrated by his own mistake and although he may have lost, it didn’t mean that he had to like it.


Redemption was always coming, and some experiences can become defining. In Hong Kong, Edo learned a lesson, and we saw the arrival of a star in the making.


Hong Kong, Season 5: Settling Old Scores

Edo rose to the top in Formula E's landmark 50th E-Prix

On occasion, we can be haunted by the past. Every experience leaves a mark, but it’s by rising from each failure that we can pick ourselves up to learn how to win again.


After setting the world alight in his debut weekend, Season 4 never truly aligned for Edo, but when Formula E returned to Hong Kong in Season 5, he was determined to settle old scores.


There was something about Hong Kong that he adored – Edo always looked, and felt, at home and whenever he was on track, he was an artist at work.


A grid penalty put Edo on the back foot when it came to the race, but compelled by the desire for glory, Edo executed a clinical and masterful drive to cut through the field.


When Sam Bird and André Lotterer came to blows, Edo knew that the advantage was his, and by running a precise race, was embraced by his critical first victory in Formula E.


The win was our first as a team, and when the past aligned with the present, there was something poetic about our triumph.


All things happen for areas on, and it’s the journey we take that makes the destination worthwhile.


Puebla, Season 7: A Born Fighter

Edo took home his second E-Prix win in Puebla, Mexico

After a difficult transitionary campaign in Season 6, Edo entered Formula E’s 2020/21 season with uncompromising focus. He had one goal in mind, and that was to win it all.


A driver with natural wisdom ,Edo has always run with intelligence and awareness, and like his knowledge, his racecraft and pure talent show his true capabilities.


At the Diriyah E-Prix that year, a spectacular double overtake on Mitch Evans and Pascal Wehrlein – one that will be remembered as one of the greatest of all time – showed his intent.


But it was at the inaugural Puebla E-Prix that Edo unleashed his qualities as a racing driver to devastating effect, piecing together a dominant weekend to become a key World Championship protagonist.


Upon finishing third on Saturday, Edo entered Sunday with hunger and strung together an unstoppable afternoon to secure his second win in Formula E.


The garage erupted, the Swiss and Monégasque national anthems rang out on the podium, and unforgettable memories were made.


Puebla is a weekend we’ll always remember.


Berlin, Season 8: A Masterclass in Human Performance

Edo executed one of the most dominant weekends seen in Formula E in Berlin, Season 8

Sporting excellence is often talked about, but what does it take to be the best?


People analyse the question furiously, but it comes down to a dedication to one’s craft. Only by working hard can we achieve what we dream of.


As someone who is never content with their best, Edo has always pushed the bounds of human performance and in Berlin in 2022, unlocked a level that every athlete strives and aspires to find.


Such a level, in a championship as competitive as Formula E, is rarely discovered, but at Tempelhof, Edo executed one of the most dominant race weekends the series has ever seen.


With back-to-back pole positions, a pair of podiums, one victory, and a fastest lap that weekend, Edo took home 50 of Berlin’s available 58 points.


Few drivers, if any, were in a position to challenge Edo that weekend, in a performance that will be remembered as one of the most dominant in Formula E’s second generation.


Seoul, Season 8: The Winner Takes It All

After winning Formula E's 50th race, Edo also won the series' 100th E-Prix in Season 8

In motor racing, every competitor has a point to prove, and after unfortunately falling out of World Championship contention in Season 8, Edo put every card on the table.


His often unstoppable form was becoming something of a signature performance, and in Formula E’s 100th race, Edo elected to set the record straight.


He responded in the only way he knew – putting his competitors in his rear-view mirror, focussing on the task at hand, and delivering another surgical performance.


The Seoul E-Prix held a sense of scale, and when Edo stood on the top step, it also told a story of perseverance.


It was the tale of a born racer who became a rookie. The rookie who became a veteran. The veteran who disrupted a World Championship to show just what quiet confidence and dedication can do.


In our six seasons together, Edo transformed what it meant to be a racing driver, and as our chapter draws to a close, we have only one thing to say:


Thank you, Edo, for everything.