Jehan's First Interview

Meet Jehan Daruvala, the newest member of the Maserati MSG Racing family


Jehan Daruvala’s graduation to a full-time race seat in Formula E was only a matter of time, and after gaining invaluable experience as a Reserve Driver, the Mumbai-born pilot is primed to make his debut.


As motorsport’s most competitive arena, Formula E is a series for the future, where the world’s best teams and most talented drivers race in pursuit of a better tomorrow.


Receiving the chance to join such an esteemed grid is a special occasion, and with his banner raised high, Jehan will be representing the next generation of motor racing talent in the 2023/24 campaign.


After officially being confirmed as the newest member of the Maserati MSG Racing family earlier this week, we caught up with Jehan to find out how he’s settling in as a part of Monaco’s only racing team.


Q: Firstly, Jehan, how does it feel to be a part of the team?

“I’m super excited to join Maserati MSG Racing, and I can’t wait to make my debut in Formula E. I’m really proud to be part of the Maserati MSG family, and for me, it’s a great honour to represent a brand as iconic and legendary as Maserati. I’ve been competing in junior single-seater categories for the past few years, so stepping up to World Championship motorsport is a big moment for me – I’m viewing it as my first season as a professional racing driver. After getting to know everyone, I couldn’t think of a better team to take this next step with. Formula E is completely different to any other form of motorsport I’ve raced in, so I’m going to go through a big learning curve, but I want to hit the ground running and make the team proud.”


Q: You mentioned that Formula E is different to any other form of motor racing. How does Formula E compare to Formula 2?

“Driving a Formula E car is a real contrast to what I’ve experienced in Formula 2. During Season 9, I was fortunate to be on the sidelines with Mahindra Racing as their Reserve Driver, and I learned quite a lot during that time, especially about the processes behind-the-scenes. In my two rookie test appearances, I found the car different but enjoyable to drive. Compared to F2, the style of racing is completely different, and that’s going to be the part where I think I’ll need to adjust to the most. There is a lot to formulate and manage in a Formula E race, and managing the energy and the strategy, while racing against other drivers on a street circuit will be very challenging mentally. I have a great team of engineers around me who will be able to support me, and I’m really excited to discover what driving in Formula E is really about.”


Q: As you pointed out, you already have some experience in Formula E, but how are you preparing for your debut?

“I have a lot of preparation planned ahead of testing! Formula E is the home of some of the best drivers, teams, and brands in motorsport, so the margins are always super small. Between now and pre-season testing at the end of October, I’m spending all of my time in Monaco and I’m at the office almost every day so I can get to know everyone better and get as much time in the simulator as possible. Because everything is new, I’m learning about the software, the car, and the level of insight I’ve gained so far is incredible. The learning curve is one that I’m excited for, and I can’t wait to get started in Valencia.”


Q: What are your goals for your first season in Formula E? 

“Because Season 10 will be my rookie season, my initial goals are not really result-oriented, but more focussed on the work that I do behind the scenes so I can prepare properly. I want to put in my maximum effort so I can be as ready as possible and be the best version of myself as a racing driver. Once I’m up to speed, I think the results will speak for themselves, and looking at the team’s performance in Season 9, I’m confident that I can score some good results, and consistently fighting for points and being at the sharp end of the grid is something that I am targeting.”