Maximilian Günther: Back for more

Maximilian Günther made history in Season 9. Now, he’s back for more.


Maximilian Günther wrote his own story in Formula E’s ninth season, and in his tale of resilience and triumph, he opened a historic chapter for Maserati MSG Racing and the Trident.


With two pole positions, four podiums, and a landmark victory in Jakarta, Max broke the laws of time itself by bridging the past with the present with an armful of breakthrough performances.


Now, Max is back for more, and with his eyes set on Season 10, he is firmly focussed on adding to his current list of achievements.


After announcing his return earlier last week, we caught up with Max to chat all things Season 10.


Q: Max, Season 9 was your first with the team and you secured several landmark results, including a victory in Jakarta. What was that first season like from your perspective?

“I’m really happy to continue my journey with Maserati MSG Racing. We had some great milestones in our first season together, and the performance evolution we achieved is something that I’m really proud of. After a difficult start to the year, we worked very hard to improve our package and in the second half, we were able to secure some very big results, including the Maserati brand’s first World Championship single-seater race win in 66 years. Wearing the Trident on my chest and having it on my car is very special to me, and the sensation that comes from representing such a legendary brand makes me very proud. I can’t wait to get my second season with the team started.”


Q: Pre-season testing is less than one month away. What have you been up to during the offseason to prepare for Formula E’s 10th campaign?

“Our preparation for Season 10 started as soon as Season 9 was over, and since London, we’ve had new ideas and have tried new approaches on how we can get the best out of the car. Based on the readings we have before testing, the car is more efficient and the performance is more spectacular compared to where we were at the start of Gen3. With a competitive base and platform already established, I’m confident that we can go on to have more big performances together in the future, and I’m very excited to see where we are in Mexico City.”


Q: And what will you be looking for during pre-season testing in Valencia? 

“Pre-season testing is one of the most important times of the year for us, and it’s our only opportunity to go through our different performance aspects on-track before the first race. We try to test different areas such as the car setup andthe software, but also on the team side, it’s a good chance for us to get into the groove and find our rhythm before we start competing for real. In Season 10, we have a lot of different circuit types, with some very fast tracks like Portland, but also some very narrow, tight street circuits with lots of bumps and surface changes. To adapt to that well, we have a very wide range of tools available and in Valencia, we’ll experiment to find the widest spectrum and find out how we can get the most from the car. It’s a very important window to validate our performance, and it will really help to improve our understanding and define our direction during the Winter months.”


Q: Based on the refinements you mentioned, what are your hopes, goals, and aspirations for Season 10?

“For this season, I really want to build upon the competitive platform we established in Season 9. The spirit, energy, and passion from everyone within the team was very inspiring last season, and I know that the challenges we faced and overcame together in 2023 have only make us stronger going into next season. Based on Season 9, the main opposition we’ll face will most likely be the Jaguar and Porsche powertrain cars, and it’s our ambition to take the fight to them. This is a common mindset and goal we have in the team, and we know what we want to achieve moving forwards.”