Spotlight: Maserati MSG Racing, HPE, and Earth Day

Discover how Hewlett Packard Enterprise is working with the team to create a more sustainable future


Maserati MSG Racing’s foundations rest firmly on the pillars of sustainability, empowerment, inclusivity, and equity. Every hope, every aspiration, and every innovation is powered by a shared vision.


That vision is vivid. We want to change the world, and we want to leave it in a better place than the state in which we found it.


It’s no small task, however. It requires conviction. It requires intention. But above all else, it needs pure pioneering spirit.


Since Season 5, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has been at the technical beating heart of our operation, and it is shared belief that makes us dream of a better tomorrow, together.


HPE was the first IT company to set science-based targets across their value chain aligned to the Paris Climate Accord, and by acting today, is motivated to improve lifestyle, and working cultures sustainably.


Alongside its commitment to leading the way in the IT industry, this dedication makes HPE a true pioneer.


While creating best-in-class hardware and software, it offers sustainable services and solutions that can help customers, and partners like Maserati MSG Racing, achieve their own sustainability goals.


This places environmental sustainability at the very heart of HPE’s purpose. Living Progress – which applies its innovation to create sustainable, equitable IT solutions – embodies this in itself.


HPE is one of only two global IT companies to have a Science Based Target initiative-approved net zero target for 2040 and has recently pledged to reduce its upstream and downstream emissions by 42% and emissions within its own operations by 70%.


To achieve this, HPE has a host of plans in place, including sourcing 100% renewable energy for its operations by 2030 and is partnering with its customers to minimise emissions from the use phase of their products.


By facilitating the opportunity for customers to reduce their IT infrastructure-related carbon emissions, HPE is also tackling and combating the ongoing climate crisis head-on.


HPE GreenLake is the figurehead of this effort and is the centerpiece of HPE’s arsenal of sustainable technology solutions.


With the help of HPE GreenLake, customers can consume IT on an as-a-service basis, meaning they can flexibly scale their IT to meet their own needs and demands.


All the while, this reduces IT inefficiencies – which is a significant source of environmental impacts within many companies – allowing organisations to be as sustainable as possible in the way in which they operate.


“HPE shares similar values with Maserati MSG Racing and Formula E, using technology to help drive environmental and social change,” explains HPE’s Vice President of Global Sponsorships, Brand Marketing & Experience, Cyndie Wang.


“Our partnership with Maserati MSG Racing was founded upon collaboration, and we both share a visionary mindset to help make advancements towards a greener tomorrow.


“Being a force for good and pushing for better through innovation are our core values as a company. Electric vehicles are undeniably the future of sustainable mobility, and we are proud to be a part of the solution that can accelerate that development.”

By working with our team, HPE is placing Maserati MSG Racing at the apex of a more sustainable world while providing a competitive edge on track and playing an integral role in our pursuit of change.