The Debrief: James Reflects on Season 9

James Rossiter debriefs Season 9 with insights powered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Seven months. 12 circuits. 16 races. All of them are complete. Season 9 is now officially over.


As a campaign marked a revolutionary step in automotive technology – and underscored by a new style of racing – 2023 was the living embodiment of innovation.


Formula E reshaped what it means to pioneer for the future, and at Maserati MSG Racing, we were reminded of the meaning of true grit and determination in our search for success.


Now, after examining our performance closely, Team Principal, James Rossiter, debriefs our 2023 campaign with insights powered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


“We’ve seen an immense amount of improvement and accelerated growth during Season 9, and the entire year has been a very big learning experience,” explains James.


“The amount of belief that everyone has shown, not just in themselves but within each other, has been awe inspiring, and it’s made me very proud.


“Only scoring three points in the first six races, and nearly being last in the championship at one point, was extremely painful, but it was also the biggest obstacle we faced and subsequently overcame.


“We knew that the speed was there and that we had the ability to bounce back, but that didn’t make it any easier to motivate everyone during that time.


“But in that challenging moment, our people pulled together to achieve the results we knew we were capable of, and we maintained that form until the end in London.


“That strength and tenacity really brought us together and turned us into the team that we are now. I fundamentally believe that we see the truth in ourselves during the difficult times.”


Having faced countless different scenarios – and with an unlimited amount of data insights – James believes that Maserati MSG Racing is well equipped to deal with any sporting or performance eventuality following Season 9.


“Because we’ve been through so much together in Season 9, I think everyone at Maserati MSG Racing will be able to face whatever the world can throw at us in the future,” he continues.


“We’ll stay united and having gone through those hard moments in the past really gives us the strength that is needed to one day fight for a World Championship.


“We’ve learned so much from what we’ve faced, but what really helped us to remain united was the quality of the data we had accumulated. We knew that we had the ability to get better.


“Our HPE data centre has been one of the keys to our success. Even when the results weren’t there, we knew we could go back, analyse everything, and build our knowledge and our package with it.


“HPE’s technology empowered us to pull our knowledge together using data and to grow step-by-step to deliver the results we want every week.”


Motorsport never stops, and it never sleeps. With Season 9 now complete, James already has his sights set firmly on the future.


“The difficulty of this season’s start was a surprise for me and it brought critical learnings,” recounts James.


“Back when I was still a driver, I was fortunate to be the first person to drive the Maserati Tipo Folgore, and because of how advanced the technology is, I knew it was going to be a very demanding drive, technically.


“We have a very talented engineering group, and with their experience, knowledge, and openness, we were able to learn a huge amount.


“Like we did in Season 9, we will continue to learn, develop, and grow together for 2024.


“When we struggled this year, we made changes and we adapted quickly but now, we need to build on that and if we can perform consistently, we could be in the hunt for the title.


“Software is crucial to attaining that kind of performance, and in the off-season, there are multiple solutions we’re planning to implement on the car before testing so we can trial them before the first race in January.


“For next season, our goal is very clear – the target is to finish inside the top three in the World Teams’ Championship, and to be in a position to fight for that title at the season finale.


“To do that, you don’t need to win every race. The most important thing is to bring home points regularly and to take podiums and victories when you can.”


Human spirit, above all else, however, is what can spell the difference between victory and defeat.


It’s our character that truly shapes our work.


“The teamwork is incredible at Maserati MSG Racing. The effort everyone puts in all of the time is reflected by our points growth in the second half of Season 9,” adds James.


“The amount of energy that was consumed, but also, the amount of energy that was put in to build up from a difficult start was unbelievable.


“What I saw from the women and men in our team, and seeing them put the energy in, made it easy for me to remain motivated, and give them all of the support I could.


“We’ve built a strong, strong team this season, and now, I hope we can work together to build and deliver an even better Season 10.”