World Environment Day: Sustainability at Home

Sustainability is Formula E’s cornerstone, and since our foundation as a team, it has been coursing through our veins and even now, nearly 10 years on, it remains a central pillar.


We say it often, but we’re proud of our origins, our roots, and we’re hopeful for the legacy we leave. This shapes our actions, our motivations, and our vision for the future.


That vision underscores everything we do today, and in 2021, we were fortunate to become one of the very first racing teams in the world to obtain FIA Three Star Environmental Accreditation.


This was no easy task – it was underpinned by hard work and innovation, but pioneering spirit is all around us, and our place as Monaco’s only racing team is an inspiration. And our home is inspiring.


Although Monaco is the second-smallest country in the world, the Principality is a leader on sustainability’s world stage, spurred by the ambition of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.


Despite having a population of less than 40,000, our home faces moderate air pollution, primarily caused by emissions from the 110,000 vehicles that enter the Principality on a daily basis.


This leads to heavy congestion and long traffic queues, but alongside our efforts to encourage electric vehicle adoption through Formula E, Monaco too is hoping to improve the uptake of EVs.


Concerns surrounding charging options remain a key anxiety for prospective EV owners, but by supporting the implementation of infrastructure, Monaco has nearly 1,000 charging points available in its public car parks.


Alongside 11 fast charging points on roads, Monaco has a high density of charging stations, and with an area 2.1 kilometres², all of Monaco’s residents live within 250 metres of a free public charging point.

This is yielding direct results and at present, Monaco is registering more sustainable vehicles than ever before. By the end of 2023, it is anticipated that 15% of new vehicles will be electric or hybrid.

Alongside promoting clean mobility, Monaco is encouraging the use of public transport, and in 2022, a trial was held by making all bus travel in the Principality free, with the hope of reducing the number of vehicles on public roads and therefore, reducing emissions.


Cycling too is a sustainable alternative, and alongside Monaco’s variety of e-bike hire schemes, our own team members have adopted a strong cycling ethos.


More than half of our team members cycle to work on a daily basis, and with a further portion using public transport, less than five commute using personal motorised transport.


Diversifying the transport sector is not the only option, however, and a drive for renewable energy usage is ongoing in Monaco.


In 2022, renewable energy accounted for 24% of Monaco’s energy mix, and harnessing and unleashing solar power is critical to future growth.


On an annual basis, Monaco experiences an average of 2,917 hours of sunshine – the equivalent of 24 hours per day for 121 days, and alongside a 15% government subsidy to support installation, Monaco’s solar sector is continually growing.


In its motorsport season, Monaco’s tourism level is at its peak, and tourists visiting our home can calculate their carbon footprint and discover how to reduce it, through Visit Monaco.


Together, we can contribute to Monaco’s journey to carbon neutrality, and shape the next chapter of sustainable innovation, this World Environment Day.